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Self Love part 4

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Make space.

We all drag along a load of "stuff" that is not ours or does not serve our happiness. All this stuff makes us heavy and damp. With all this baggage there is not enough space for us. It is time to let go. Of course this is easy to say but realizing what it is that is holding us down and actually let that go is not always so easy to do.

Exercise 1: Sit or lie down and start to visualize yourself as having already mastered self-love and self-care. How would your life look/feel like? What things in your life would that you do now would you say NO to? of saying ‘no’. What or who is no longer be a part of your life?

Write this down.

Exercise 2: Listen to the Audio " let Go" on youtube

Exercise 3: Sit or lie down and take a few deep breaths. With every breath out you take you visualize that the last bits of stuck old heavy energy flow into the earth, so she can transform it to neutral energy. With every breath in you visualize that you breathe in love. make your breaths long and deep. Do this for at least 5 minutes.. and preferable every day.


Thank you so much for finishing this course? If you want to give me feedback, please do so <3

Do you want more? Do you want to dive deeper?

Enrollments are now open for the Awakening women online course.

An  online journey to a deep remembering of who we are.

This is a course for women who are ready to look a little deeper. For women who want to move past their comfort zone and are willing to take steps into knowing themselves a better and grow. It is for women who are ready to bloom. 

What are you going to learn?

♥ Embrace your emotions

♥ Loving and respecting your body

♥ Inner child healing

♥ Womb wisdom

♥ Discover your inner goddess

♥ Get through the obstacles that are holding you back

♥ Moon wisdom

♥ Self love

♥ Women's rituals. 

♥ Body-positivity

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