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"Meeting Margo at a recent retreat called Shed Your Layers was simply life-changing. I've never encountered such beauty in combination with a breadth of love and compassion for each and every person. Margo is the embodiment of the Earth Mother through the ages. She lifts us up, shares herself so completely, and moves us all toward our best selves. You will hear her words echo in your soul far beyond any retreat you attend. It WILL change you; it WILL free you in ways you cannot imagine"


 Karyn Raman  

Special Education Teacher


"Margo travels the world changing lives, touching souls, sharing love, and deeply moving us. Sisters, she is a divine Goddess. And Dear Sisters, she can awaken the Goddess in all of us!"


  Carmin Karasic


"Attending the Awakening Women training is changing my life. I have felt this layer of constraint around me. I didn't know how to access my inner wild woman, but she is coming out now and it is glorious! I am coming home to my body, my sensuality, my joy. Coming home to me and coming home in sisterhood. 
Margo is awesome at what she does. She creates a safe, loving place where transformations are happening. As a qualified therapist myself, I am very impressed. She is very knowledgeable and attuned . Margo is an authentic awesome woman, whom I feel very blessed to know. 
If you feel called to attend to any of her retreats or workshops, do yourself a favor and go"


  Ellen Aranya  



"It was so magical, Margo helped me to remember my self. To remember that I am worthy. Give love and receive love."


Marcella Tommasi  

Senior PMDT Consultant


"I have completely found myself this weekend . This retreat has taken me to such a deep level, it will definitely impact the depth of my work"


  Carin Rockind  

Author, Speaker, Coach


"It was an amazing and unique experience in from which I have came back transformed forever. Women, from the age of 30 to 65, coming from all over Europe, We celebrated the wild and sacred feminine . We  reconnect with our ancient roots and Mother earth, to rebuilt this intuitive bound that unites us, women of all over the world…What an amazing experience, such deep healing !"


Yoga Teacher


"Margo, does such an amazing job at explaining, giving you space and helping you to own this space. She does an even more wonderful job at giving you the faith and trust to let raw emotions be seen. If you ever come across a chance to participate in one of her events, drop everything you do , and go do it. You'll be changed and thankful afterwards"


  Bara Cerna  



"Margo is an exquisite role model and

an Empowering Guide"

  Mae Belteyn  

Author, Teacher, Ritualist


"Margo is a life changer! She´s one of the most honest, warmhearted and 

most authentic person I know. I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed. 

My life is a spiral and every time when I reach out my hand when I´m on my way 

and need someone, I know Margo will be there and hold it. She brought me to my truth. 

Step by step. Deeper and deeper. She brought me to my essence – pure love!"

  Anja Kromer 

Publisher & Graphic designer


Margo is great at holding space and making people feel nurtured and cared for. She is exactly the same in person as she is online. I recommend her highly 

  Nicole Gowdy 


Alette Wttewaall.jpg

I got to know Margo around 15 years ago and she changed my life. She is such a beautiful, warm hearted and giving woman. She tought me that it is ok to be a woman, no, that it is fantastic to be a woman. Before i knew her, i thought i had to be like a man. That that is the way to be respected in this world. Now i can truly embrace myself as a woman and feel one and whole with myself. And be respected for that. Thank you Margo Awanata, Love you


Alette Wttewaall 


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