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I have been on a journey with Margo 3 times 
And it  was a life-changing retreat each time.
Both Margo and the Land welcomed me and saw me growing day after day of the retreat.

I was held into the loving arms of sisterhood under the guidance of the wisest and wildest woman I know.

This is an opportunity to connect to the deepest of yourself and of the ancient and vibrant land Margo takes you..


Patricia  Dhellemmes


"Coming from a burn-out due to a very masculine and hard career, I really needed a change in my life. Something really different, something that would touch me to the very core of soul.

A friend directed me to Margo her website and I took a leap of faith...I signed in for a retreat. I was so scared,I almost turned around at the door. I am so glad I found the courage to open that door. This retreat did what a year of therapy could not do. I danced, I cried, I laughed, I roared, I released and I found sisters


When I was laying down at the floor after releasing years of pain and frustration I felt my whole body finally relax for the first time in years.


When I came back up I saw Margo her eyes and she saw me. She looked straight to my soul and through her eyes I remembered myself. 


Margo, you are a true blessing. Your big heart and wild fire really helped me transform my shit to strength. My pain to love. I love you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Daniella Weber 




"I've joined many retreats of Margo in the passed years, but every time feels like the first time and peels off another layer...

The deep connecting with the land, the beautiful nature in a foreign country adds so much to the experience, and sharing sisterhood and powerful ceremonies led by Margo invites and inspires to go ever deeper. 

If you have the chance: go with Margo, you won't regret it."


 Annelies Oskam 


Scherm­afbeelding 2024-02-25 om 15.39.46.png

"Have you ever read a book that left you truly enchanted? This is how I felt after my journey to Avalon with Margo. I was blown away by the experience and the deep teachings she offered. I have been to Glastonbury many times and every time I was there I thought I was in Avalon. Only now, with Margo I really have the feeling that I have been there and it is so much more magical and powerful than I could imagine. I experienced real magic trough the rituals and the work we did there. I could feel the veil open and I could really hear the call. 
And in this amazing experience I have made sisters for life. I will join Margo to Hawaii too. 


Marie Becker


"Meeting Margo at a recent retreat called Shed Your Layers was simply life-changing. I've never encountered such beauty in combination with a breadth of love and compassion for each and every person. Margo is the embodiment of the Earth Mother through the ages. She lifts us up, shares herself so completely, and moves us all toward our best selves. You will hear her words echo in your soul far beyond any retreat you attend. It WILL change you; it WILL free you in ways you cannot imagine"


 Karyn Raman  

Special Education Teacher


"Margo travels the world changing lives, touching souls, sharing love, and deeply moving us. Sisters, she is a divine Goddess. And Dear Sisters, she can awaken the Goddess in all of us!"


  Carmin Karasic



"Margo travels the world changing lives, touching souls, sharing love, and deeply moving us. Sisters, she is a divine Goddess. And Dear Sisters, she can awaken the Goddess in all of us!"


  Anouk Pross



’m deeply deeply touched by this magical week with Margo and the other beautiful sisters.
Such a warm bath of sisterhood and love, I’ve never felt this before.

I joined without expectations and jumped right into it, during the whole time I opened up my hearth more and more, came into the feminine softness and magic happened all over.

Even after 2 months I’m not able to tell all about it without tears rolling over my face..

This was for me a lifechanging week, I feel so much (self) love, trust, strength, space and so much more.

This is just the beginning of remembering who I am………

A deep bow and lots of love for Margo, her great team and all the other beautiful sisters  

Karin Baank 


"Attending the Awakening Women training is changing my life. I have felt this layer of constraint around me. I didn't know how to access my inner wild woman, but she is coming out now and it is glorious! I am coming home to my body, my sensuality, my joy. Coming home to me and coming home in sisterhood. 
Margo is awesome at what she does. She creates a safe, loving place where transformations are happening. As a qualified therapist myself, I am very impressed. She is very knowledgeable and attuned . Margo is an authentic awesome woman, whom I feel very blessed to know. 
If you feel called to attend to any of her retreats or workshops, do yourself a favor and go"


  Ellen Aranya  



"It was so magical, Margo helped me to remember my self. To remember that I am worthy. Give love and receive love."


Marcella Tommasi  

Senior PMDT Consultant


"I have completely found myself this weekend . This retreat has taken me to such a deep level, it will definitely impact the depth of my work"


  Carin Rockind  

Author, Speaker, Coach


"It was an amazing and unique experience in from which I have came back transformed forever. Women, from the age of 30 to 65, coming from all over Europe, We celebrated the wild and sacred feminine . We  reconnect with our ancient roots and Mother earth, to rebuilt this intuitive bound that unites us, women of all over the world…What an amazing experience, such deep healing !"


Yoga Teacher


"Margo, does such an amazing job at explaining, giving you space and helping you to own this space. She does an even more wonderful job at giving you the faith and trust to let raw emotions be seen. If you ever come across a chance to participate in one of her events, drop everything you do , and go do it. You'll be changed and thankful afterwards"


  Bara Cerna  



"Margo is an exquisite role model and

an Empowering Guide"

  Mae Belteyn  

Author, Teacher, Ritualist


"Margo is a life changer! She´s one of the most honest, warmhearted and 

most authentic person I know. I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed. 

My life is a spiral and every time when I reach out my hand when I´m on my way 

and need someone, I know Margo will be there and hold it. She brought me to my truth. 

Step by step. Deeper and deeper. She brought me to my essence – pure love!"

  Anja Kromer 

Publisher & Graphic designer


Margo is great at holding space and making people feel nurtured and cared for. She is exactly the same in person as she is online. I recommend her highly 

  Nicole Gowdy 


Alette Wttewaall.jpg

I got to know Margo around 15 years ago and she changed my life. She is such a beautiful, warm hearted and giving woman. She tought me that it is ok to be a woman, no, that it is fantastic to be a woman. Before i knew her, i thought i had to be like a man. That that is the way to be respected in this world. Now i can truly embrace myself as a woman and feel one and whole with myself. And be respected for that. Thank you Margo Awanata, Love you


Alette Wttewaall 



Amazing sacred feminine energy …

So powerful & sensitive ,

loving & genuinely caring

Courageous, to guide you in the darkest places, to hold your hand, have your back, cry , shout & laugh with you …

Margo is setting an example for living truthfully and sacredly.

Soft, Kind, Funny , Daring & Inspiring , devoted to keep on going no matter what …!

For many years Uniting Sisters from all over the world with the Amazing work she does , her firing eyes , her magical touch , her golden words that reach your soul , reminding you All that you Are…

I can say much more about my dearest sister from the north 


Mia Adamidou 



I am still trying to understand how one retreat with Margo Awanata did what 10 years of therapy could not. First I thought it was just the magic and the after glow of the retreat but now, a year later, I still feel the power within me that Margo made me see. I have really transformed my trauma to power. I feel like a different woman. I can not thank you enough Margo. If anybody is still doubting... GO! DO IT! Take that jump. I did...andI was so scared. But here I am.
This retreat also restored my trust in women.Sisters we are so powerful. 

Donna James


Margo's insights and way of connecting people have enriched my life enormously. I have had the honour to experience PURE Sisterhood, and I am happy and proud to be part of it. I truly love her.


Magaia deVries 


Scherm­afbeelding 2024-02-25 om 15.12.34.png

I allowed myself to follow the path of the Priestess with Margo and it has changed my life and brought me so close to my authentic self.

I experienced Margo as someone with a great eye for the group and what is needed, magically bringing out the best in someone.


She brings movement within you in a loving way. I would recommend working with her to anyone. She is the butterfly effect. And proud to pay it forward.


Rozanne Baan 



Margo, You made me believe in Magic. 
I crawled, naked, over the earth mother, coffered in dirt, to the sacred water to be blessed by a Priestess. When the water touched my skin I could finally let go of all my stuck emotions. If that is not magical, what is. 
I never would have thought I would ever do that, but it felt so sacred and so powerful. Thank you for making me feel so safe that I could really surrender to the moment.   


Sophia Andre



"I have hosted and co-facilitated Retreats, but this Retreat was my first one as an attendee, and what an amazing one. Now I am one of Margo’s greatest fans. 

I was so impressed with what she has to offer, as well as Margo’s loving and amazing skills. When more than one of my issues surfaced and needed to be processed, I felt supported and nurtured during the process.

I feel that I received exactly what I needed most, and have come home feeling so much stronger and aligned than ever before.   


Janette McKinnon,

Costa Rica

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-02-28 om 07.12.29.png

"2 years ago I've been on a retreat with Margo to Crete and it was an amazing journey and very nice first experience with sisterhood work/retreats. Margo is very good at creating a trusting and loving sisterhood with the group, in which everybody is cherished, respected and safe to share their story. With the sisterhood we went to beautiful places on the island where we've done great work. The retreat with Margo helped me to define in what way I want to do feminine work and it is a loving memory that is very dear to me.




Scherm­afbeelding 2024-02-28 om 07.12.29.png

Margo creates a deep connection and magic during a training that touches you to the bone. She does not pull back when you are in the dark or feel stuck, she reaches her hand out exactly to where you are.


She knows what to say to you in the moment, so you are willing to take the first step out of your pain and comfort zone. 

Her medicine is inclusiveness. What I experienced in Glastonbury brought me to tears and my heart glowed like the sun. She welcomes everyone even people passing by.That has something so loving and healing.


I cannot describe the feeling  into words, because it has something so, so special. It touches the core of your heart. 

I am very grateful to Margo. She handed me keys on places inside myself where I thought I gave up. Everytime through her words she knew how to wake up life again inside of me. So I regained my own power to take the steps in life and choose myself.


 Elleke van Sevenhoven