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Remember the woman underneath the layers

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For the past 15 years, I have been working with women from all around the world on the most amazing and inspiring places on our beautiful earth.

A lot of women tell me when they send the first e-mail that they really feel the call to come but that they are also scared. This is a perfectly normal reaction because your whole system knows that changes will come and that you will step outside your comfort zone to grow. We are programmed to fear the unknown when we have learned that we can survive in the place that we know. But our existence, in my opinion, is not about surviving, it is about living, learning, loving.

I refuse to believe that we are born just to sleep, eat, work, repeat! I believe that we are divine creations of love and deserve to be happy and to embrace all the beauty life has to offer. 

"Attending Margo's training has changed my life. I have felt this layer of constraint around me. I didn't know how to access my inner wild woman, but she is coming out now and it is glorious! I am coming home to my body, my sensuality, my joy. Coming home to me and coming home in sisterhood. 

Margo is awesome at what she does. She creates a safe, loving place where transformations are happening. As a qualified therapist myself, I am very impressed. She is very knowledgeable and attuned. Margo is an authentic awesome woman, whom I feel very blessed to know. 
If you feel called to attend to any of her retreats or workshops, do yourself a favor and go"

  Ellen Aranya  



"Step out of your comfort zone

It might be scare but is it not 

scarier to play small and stop yourself from growing? 

Rise and become the goddess you always were. 

You are so worth it!"

Margo Awanata

Facilitator Training

Goddess Rejuvenation


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