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Priestess initiation journey


 Margo Awanata & Mae Belteyn

Remember the Priestess Within

24-30 May 2022

... on the magical soil of Avalon.
Are you ready to travel beyond the veil of this reality into the deep mysteries of womanhood on the mystical lands of Avalon.


There where the Divine Feminine is fully present. Home of the Priestess.


Are you ready for deep teachings and a life-changing experience?

Can you hear the call of Avalon?

Can you feel it in the beating of your heart?

A call from the depth of your being. 

A knowing that there is a path that goes right to the center of your being.

Can you feel the priestess within awakening.. 

Welcome on the Priestess Initiation Journey. 

Welcome Sister

It is time to connect to your sacred roots

Deeply rooted in Mother Earth, your heart light and free with your arms open to the Divine, coming from deep within.


You are in Avalon with a group of like-minded women, sisters, who just like you know that there is more to life than visible on the surface. In a strong and safe Sisterhood, we will journey through some of the most magical places of South West England.


We won't visit these places as regular tourists but as Women on a sacred journey to who they truly are. Maiden, Mother, Queen, Wise, Warrior,Priestess! 

This is a deep, authentic initiation journey for modern women who want to remember their ancient roots.

On her own, a Woman can be a Goddess indeed, but when together with Sisters, they can be an Awesome Pantheon, Capable of Anything.


Reclaim your Power

As women, we are reclaiming our spiritual power. We are remembering our natural gifts. We are removing the masks that have hidden us from living in our most authentic, joyful, and powerful lives. We are remembering our truth. Inside of each of us is the Wise Woman, the Wild Woman, the Muse, and the Mother. The Goddess of Love, the Huntress, and the Warrior. It's time to reclaim our whole selves and live the divine purpose we were born for.


As Priestesses walking this earth, we are here to raise the vibration to Love. We are here to transmute pain and masks into authenticity and compassion. We are here to be healers, oracles, mothers, sisters, confidants, leaders, and lovers. In ancient times, a Priestess was revered as a leader. She was honored for her wisdom, her sight, and her passion. We are HER. We have returned now, in these modern and chaotic times, to remember and claim back our truth and to heal the world. You are so needed Sister.


Return to Avalon

Return to the land of your soul

We want to invite you back to Avalon, home of your Priestess soul.  We will journey together to the land where we were once revered and stand together to take back our power and activate our  body. We shall heal our wounds, release all that doesn't serve us, and transmute pain into love. We must initiate ourselves as Goddess. And we cannot do it alone. We must do so in sacred Sisterhood. Join us for this powerful journey home. Together we will bathe in the ancient wells of White Spring, visit the Chalice Well, dance at Stonehenge, play in the land of fairies, and rejoice in delicious sisterhood.

This journey is for you if you want to


♥  Awaken your  Feminine Power

♥ Are ready for the next level

♥  Open up to your sacred purpose 

♥ Root deeply  into your divine Femininity 
♥ Awaken the Priestess within
♥ Break free from what is holding you back 
♥ Do amazing rituals on sacred ground
♥ Remember who you really are underneath all the layers of insecurity, judgement, shame and shyness



♥ Ancient Priestess Initiation

♥Deep nurturing in Avebury

♥ Remembering ancient ways in Stonehenge

♥ Re-birth in the White Spring
♥ Sacred path ceremony and healing in Chalice Well
♥ Awakening the Dragon on the Tor
♥ Sacred Blessings in St Nectans Glen

♥ Fire Ceremony

♥ Deep teachings

♥ Archetype guides

...And so much more

This is the place and time to heal, transform and empower yourself.

Some highlights

This is the delightful occasion to co-create an experience that will be a gift on your path to build on..

Join us on this Journey to our primal Voice, our belly feeling, our Spiritual

Source. Exploring our Inner Knowing and Dance to the Rhythm of our

own Drum.

A  Re-treat just for You !!!



24 May -  we will meet at the Retreat house in Glastonbury at 3 PM

25 May - Glastonbury

26  May - Stonehenge en Avebury


27  May - Dartmoor

28 May - Tintagel

29 May - Tintagel

30 May -  Tintagel /Closing ceremony. 

We will bring you to either Glastonbury or Bristol Airport on the 30th around 2PM.

Where will we stay?

We will stay in a beautiful retreat center in the center of Glastonbury The comfortable rooms are calm and peaceful, infused with the energy of healing and tranquility, each one unique and created with love.​

We will finish our journey in an amazing retreat center at the magical site of St Nectan's Glen with private access to the waterfall. 



Where do we go?


Beyond the veils of Glastonbury

you find the mystical soil of Avalon. Home of the the Priestess and heart chakra of the earth. You can feel the deep sacred feminine all around. 

Next to many power places there is also an amazing town center where you can buy the most amazing goddess dresses. 

White Spring

In Glastonbury you find an amazingly beautiful water temple. The water that is flowing freely from underneath the tor into  the back of the temple into 2 healing pools. This place is so filled with magic that it will change you. We will enjoy private time there for a deep and healing cleansing ceremony

The Tor

When you walk up this mystical hill you can feel the energy flow through your whole The Tor is a major center of energy and ley-lines. The hill is a labyrinth and used as an initiation path by priestesses over the whole world.

Chalice Well

Hidden in a beautiful garden lies the Chalice Well. The water of this well is so filled with iron that is leaves a red trail wherever it goed. The Red Water which flows continuously from the Womb of Mother Earth symbolises birth, fertility and death. The red spring is dedicated to the goddess in three aspects, as the Maiden, Mother and Crone.


Stonehenge is a one of the most mind blowing places on the earth. These ancient stones are a highway of energy that bring you back to a time that priestesses and druids walked the earth.

Avebury is known as the biggest stone circle of England. A heart opening site that helps you to connect deeply into the Earth.

st Nectans Glen

In whole England there is no place as magical as St Nectans. Near Cornwall (Birth Place of King Arthur) lies a fairy river. If you follow the river upstream you get to St Nectans Glenn. We will stay a few nights at Nectans retreat center and will get privat access to this magic place.


We will make a field trip to Dartmoor. to discover the hidden secrets of one of the most beautiful and sacred stonecircles ever found.


Also.. The Goddess Temple in Glastonbury, Merlin's cave, Dragon stone and so much more...


When: 24-30 May 2022

Where: Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, Dartmoor, Avebury, Tintagel

Your transport to the UK is not included

First read our cancellation policy 


Margo  Awanata

Margo knew nothing about Avalon when she first came there, invited by a friend who told her that she had to come. It was like stepping into ancient memories and a deep remembering of who she really was. She knew she had to come back with those who also heard the calling of the Priestess. 

For over 12 years Margo has been guiding women on their Priestess initiation journey in Avalon. She is deeply connected to the land and the rituals. As a priestess Margo  has worked with more than 2000 women world wide. She is the founder of Path of the Priestess, Wild and Sacred and co-founder of Womb, Hear, Spirit movement.

 Margo is a mentor who is not afraid to go into the shadows with you. She enters into a deep connection with the women with whom she works and lets them feel that in the safe space that she offers they can really go into the depths where transformations can take place. She manages to take everyone to a higher level while she is firmly on the earth with both her legs. Margo is like the loving earth mother who cherishes and feeds and at the same time shakes off all false beliefs and excuses. She brings her teachings with humor and depth.


Since 2002 Margo has been working as a facilitator in women's work and travels the world with her teachings..

"Meeting Margo at a recent retreat  was simply life-changing. I've never encountered such beauty in combination with a breath of love and compassion for each and every person. Margo is the embodiment of the Earth Mother through the ages. She lifts us up, shares herself so completely, and moves us all toward our best selves. You will hear her words echo in your soul far beyond any retreat you attend. It WILL change you; it WILL free you in ways you cannot imagine"


 Karyn Raman  

Special Education Teacher



Mae  Belteyn

Mae initially heard the calling of Avalon when she was just a girl… When first coming there -immediately swept away by ‘memories’ and the magic of the land-, she knew she had to fulfill her purpose. 
So, inspired and initiated by Avalon Priestesses, 17 years ago she guided her first Pilgrimage to Avalon and the mystical Dartmoor. 

Today, Mae is the founder of Lady Leaders, and co-founder of the Womb, Heart, Spirit movement. 
She spent 22+ years designing, performing and teaching rituals, before launching The Ritual Academy.
Mae loves to share her magic by working with the Archetypes inside of YOU: The Lover, The Mother, The Queen, The Wise, and… The Priestess! When you’ve heard the Priestess Call too, Mae will guide you on your transformational journey, hold you safe in sacred space, teach you her deepest rituals, and empower you to find and create your own magic. 

“Mae is the embodiment of a warrior wise-woman, combining a fierce intellect and academic knowledge with a depth of experiential ritual practice, which enables her to hold, lead and empower other women at a deep level. She is one of only a handful of women within our international community of practitioners whose integrity and experience I honour and trust to such an extent that I would recommend her without hesitation. Mae’s magical energy, vitality, strength, and experience are a powerful combination, enabling her to lead from the heart and inspire others to come fully into their soul potential.”

Annabel Du Boulay

 Priestess of the Avalon Rose Chapel,

Glastonbury UK

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