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Margo Awanata

About Margo

Margo has worked since 2003 as a facilitator in self development and female empowerment for groups and individuals, bringing women together as equals, as family, as sisters. While working in a group, she promotes the forging of the bond of sisterhood, for women should not envy or compete each other, but empower each other.

"My mission is to help women to take back the leadership over their own life and own happiness. To find their inner power and unlock their potential. To step away from the paved road onto the winding way of the deep forest of het heart. You are capable of so much more than you can imagine now. "

She deeply cares for all women, encouraging them to live their full potential, aiding them in relishing their right of existence, trusting in the course of life, loving their bodies and expressing who they want to be and who they really are.

Live and experience your life fully! Feel the love that composes all life! Never be a victim and take full responsibility for your life! Those are some of the lessons she has learned and now strives to pass on to others.


She’s expert in holding space for anyone participating to feel completely safe and grounded. This opens the way to truly feeling one's own self, both strengths and vulnerabilities, and daring to bring yourself forth to open yourself for all that life can offer you.

In her workshops, she stimulates women to delve within themselves to find a true source of wisdom and primal power. While accessing these, old wounds can be healed and insecurities overcome.

Margo is a warm and passionate woman with a fiery heart. She dances wildly and encourages others to join this dance of life

"Margo is a life changer! She´s one of the most honest, warmhearted and 

most authentic person I know. I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed. 

My life is a spiral and every time when I reach out my hand when I´m on my way 

and need someone, I know Margo will be there and hold it. She brought me to

my truth. Step by step. Deeper and deeper. She brought me to my essence – pure love!"

                                                                                                                 Anja Kromer

                                                                                                                 Publisher and graphic designer                                                                                                                 

Margo about herself

It is often flattering what others say and write about you,  but there is so much more to me and if you are interested I'd like to share some more personal things.

It was in 2004 that I started my first women circle, In my little home in Amsterdam. If felt such a great longing to connect with other women on a deeper level. To be inspired by their living wisdom, their strength and vulnerability and I wanted to share my own.


In the years before that I had a hard time, during my young years I struggled with boulimia. I was very insecure and deemed myself worthless. But I knew there needed to be a change because this would be a dead-end road. I tossed away all teen and beauty magazines and went on a soul searching journey through meditation, Tantra and shamanism. And on that path I found my goddess. She was deep within me, and she was there all along, the soft whisper of trust and love underneath the voices of shame and fear. I listened to her and gave her my attention and she grew. Slowly but steady until I was ready to help others find their inner goddess and listen to the soft whispers of their inner voice.  I started to organize women's circles and journey's to Avalon.

In 2005 I got married my first husband and we got a beautiful Daughter together. 5 years later he broke my heart very bad. Or that is what I thought he did. Anger, sadness, fear.. I dove into them. I let the emotions and the shadows in. I felt so lost. It felt like all my self-worth and confidence was swept away from under my feet. I grieved in the darkness and came out on the other side. Everything changed when I was able to look back and reflect on myself and see myself in that situation. I could see how I put myself in the shadows of my ex-husband. I took pride in his popularity and made him a priority by making myself small. In fact, I was dependent on his love. My divorce was the biggest gift someone could give. It gave me the opportunity to find my own light and my own roots. 

My circles grew fast and I was invited to join the Wild Woman Sisterhood. An opportunity to reach beyond the borders of my own country. 

Right now I live with my husband and three children near the woods in the Netherlands with the best job in the world to do good, support my own heart and feed my family. I am I living the live I always dreamed of. I believe this is possible for each and every one of us, when we connect to our full potential and let go of the weight that is holding us down. So I reach out to you and invite you on this amazing journey to your own heart. Away from the paved road onto the winding but beautiful paths of self love. 


Through time lots of Woman have lost their connection. The connection to themselves, their body, the connection to the earth and to their inner divine.


How to get back? How to reclaim your power and embrace your right of existence and how to really love yourself? It all begins with you, you and your connection to the earth. It is an old and deep knowing within us that never forgot and is longing to step outside this so called comfort zone of isolation and get back into this flow of connection. The flow of life. 

It is within each and every woman, no mater age, education or location that this calling to wake up is being heard. To rise and to heal. It is within our heart that this healing begins. The healing of our bodies that are longing to be honored again. It is when we connect to other women, our sisters, that the divine feminine will wake up, for when you heal yourself you are healing something greater too, you heal the collective feminine. 

Why Sisterhood?

Women are meant to share and connect deeply with each other. In ancient times it was best way to survive. Times changed and woman became more isolated, yet still deep inside we never lost the longing, the deep desire to share, connect and learn from each other.


We have been holding our own wounds and pain for far to long. We see that when women connect in our training and retreats that magic happens. We start to build each other up when we connect from the heart and share our vulnerability and our incredible strength.


We will heal each other by healing ourselves. We have been holding back for so long and with our sisters support we will find our voice and our truth. 

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