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Into the deep dark of the Goddess

Hey Sister,

During these 3 days together we will take a deep dive into the mysteries and wisdom of Lilith. The original Woman. Wild, Raw and Untamed. 
It will be a profound immersion in the medicine of the dark feminine.
A journey through rituals, shadow work and deep connection to your own magic. 



There are many stories about Lilith but I believe the true story is hidden in the bones of every woman. A story about magic, feminine power, pleasure, innocence and ancient wisdom. But it is also a story about sacred rage, breaking free from the cage, about overcoming guilt, shame and fear. 

During this retreat we will spiral into the realm of the Dark Goddess to dive into her primal medicine. We will learn to see in the dark and to use our elemental wisdom.

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"They say I fell from grace

Because I did not lie beneath the MAN

They will say I was banished forever for committing an unthinkable crime

What they don't know is that I was given a choice

To sacrifice the flame

And live inside the crafted lie

Or walk myself into exile and roam the wilderness alone"


Maya Luna about Lilith 

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🖤 Bring healing to shame so it can transform to power

🖤 Re-connect pleasure with innocence

🖤Magical Medicine Journey in the dark (plant medicine)

🖤Re-connect with yourElemental Magic

🖤Sacred Rage



🖤And so much more


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Dates 2-4 April 2024 

Place : Havelte, Netherlands 
Investment: €397,- 
Included: 3 days filled with profound teachings, rituals and ceremonies. healthy meals and 

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