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Self Love part 2

Bring your body in motion

In lesson 1 we had a little bit of dancing, today we will take it to the next step. Our body is made for moving. By bringing your body to movement you bring your energy in motion. Do you know the feeling of being stuck? Stuck in old patterns and old habits? Stuck in limiting believes? When you start to bring your energy

back in motion through dance it will help you to shake loose some of this stuck old programs so there will be space again.

Exercise 2.1:

This is a dance exercise so stand up open to the Awaken your Body video underneath this post and turn up the volume! Watch the video on youtube,

Exercise 2.2:

and after that repeat the meditation of lesson 1.

Exercise 2.3

For this exercise you need a piece of paper and a pen.

Your Body has a story. A story worth listening too and that is what we are going to do Sit or lie down comfortable and breath in deeply. Imagine that you are not only breathing with your nose and/or mouth but with every cell in your body. Do this for a couple of minutes. Just breathe and be precent with your body. After a while you ask your body what story she wants to share with you. And then listen and feel. Feel the words that come up. Maybe you can hear an actual voice, maybe it are feelings or images. Just know that we all have a different way for receiving information. When the words come, write them down. Thank your body by giving her a hug.

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