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Self Love part 1

The gift of breath

One of the most empowering gifts you can give yourself is that what we simply have to do to be alive. Breathing! Majority of the people breathe to little and by far not deep enough. This is often a program that was imprinted in our childhood or puberty. This can be programs of not feeling good enough, being to much or feeling unwanted.

So what happens is that we make ourselves small so we won’t take to much space and slowly we loose our believe in a right of existence. Our body will get to little air and will get the signal that it is not aloud to be, it will start to feel uncomfortable in our body and we will flee into the mind this will cause us to feel disconnected. So to start our journey we will simply start with giving our body the gift of breath back so it will get a

signal of being welcome and being worthy again.

Exercise 1:

Watch the Video: BREATH on youtube.

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