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Wild & Sacred



Heart Centred Women On a life changing journey

1-7 Februari 2022

A  journey to a deep transformation and remembering of who we are.


This retreat is for women who are ready to dive deeper and explore outside their comfort zone.
Are you ready for an adventurous journey to discover yourself and unleash the wild woman within?

 Are you ready for a retreat that will leave you feeling deliciously fulfilled , joyously connected , deeply empowered?

Join me on this life changing retreat in paradise.


Imagine yourself breathing, not like you normally breathe, but really breathing. The kind of breathing that rejuvenates every cell in your body.  After an inspiring, wild day of adventure, dance,  lush nature, and powerful rituals you are watching the sunset in the ocean.  You feel alive, tingling with joy and you know yourself seen and loved. You connected to your true potential and feel the way opening to manifest your true self and unique personal feminine power into reality. 


You are on Hawaii Island with a group of like-minded sisters who help, love, and support you on your journey to a life you love, in a body that you appreciate. Deeply rooted in your potential and ready to make big changes in your life.. as a feminine leader.

A 7-day retreat into the realm of Goddess Pele

While we discover the beauty and excitement Hawaii has to offer this will also be an empowering, transforming, and life-changing experience. Body, Mind, and Soul! We will work with the Goddess Pele. The Goddess of the Vulcano. Goddess of Lava, Goddess of Fire.
This powerful Goddess is pure transformation and she will help us change our fear to fierce and our pain to power. With her, as our guide, we will dive deep into the adventure of a lifetime.





A few highlights :

♥ Transformational work through rituals and exercises  

♥ Awaken the Priestess within with a full moon celebration

♥ Bring movement to your body and into your life

♥ Reclaim your power

♥ Unleash the wild and sacred woman

♥ Empowered vulnerability

♥ Authentic presence

♥ Wild FeminineLeadership

♥ Hula dancing with a profound Hula teacher.

♥ Sacred Hawaiian initiation ceremony 

♥ Medicine dance and Body work

♥ Sacred song circle

♥ Beach and Sunshine 

♥ Free time to enjoy this paradise

♥ Sisterhood

♥ Lava fields 

♥Jungle adventures 

♥ Waterfalls

♥ And with a little bit of luck we will see dolphins and  whales 

"I have hosted and co-facilitated Retreats, but the Feminine Leadership
Hawaii Retreat was my first one as an attendee – a retreat virgin! And whatan amazing one for my first one. Now I am one of Margo’s greatest fans, and have already committed to attend her Goddess Rejuvenation

Retreat in Bali!!!

I was so impressed with what she has to offer – valuable tools to add
to my own tool chest. As well as Margo’s loving and amazing skills whenone of us had a melt-down. When more than one of my issues surfaced and needed to be processed, I felt supported and nurtured during the process. I feel that I received exactly what I needed most, and have come home feeling so much stronger and aligned than ever before.


In gratitude to Margo and all that she offers."


Jannette MacKinnon , costa Rica

Where do we stay? 

You will be picked up from Kona airport (Big Island) or if you are already in Hawaii, you can be picked up from Kailua centre. We will then begin our journey to the wild side of the Island. We will stay in an amazing house with ocean view, on Lava stones and near the jungle. You sleep in a room with 1 other sister. This place will be our temple where we will return every day after our adventures on this amazing Island.



When: 19-24 March 2019
Kailua - Kona,  Hawaii 



€1197,- If you register before August 1st 

After After August 1st the price will be €1577,-


Payment plans.

6terms of €225,-

♥ Professional guidance by Margo Awanata 
♥ Healthy vegetarian meals
♥ Sleeping accommodation

♥ Transport in Hawaii


Airfare ( cheapest tickets can be found through

Transport to the accommodation (For €25,- you can get picked up from the airport 

at March 19th at 2pm

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