Wild &Sacred

Wild & Sacred union - Beltane
A deep healing between the Feminine and the Masculine

28 April - 1st of May.

It is time for sacred healing... on the magical soil of Avalon.

This 4 day retreat is for men and women who feel the call to step up and heal the wounds between the feminine and the masculine. 

There is a huge, layered wound between the feminine and the masculine 

And it is time we don't only acknolage this, but also to be part of it's healing. 
This retreat
in Glastonbury that is all about the healing and connection between men and women (Not necessarily couples, it is not a tantra retreat).

A part of the retreat we will work separately, man and women tending to their own wounds and empowerment, so we can really meet each other from a heart-centered and powerful place to dive deep together.

More about this very soon.

Let me know if you are interested so we can keep you posted.

This is the place and time to heal, transform and empower yourself.



Forever women have come together to connect, share, tell stories, exchange wisdom, heal and help each other.  This amazing connection has been forgotten for a long time, but women everywhere are reaching out, ready to step into the light and re-emerge this ancient sisterhood.  It is time to become a leader over your own life and with your sisters behind you to support and love you. 



When one women awakens

she help to awaken everybody around her

Before her and after her

Some Highlights


♥ Wild Womb Wisdom

♥ Awaken your inner warrior

♥ Remember the Priestess within

♥ Fire ceremony

♥ Rituals in nature
♥ Sisterhood
♥ Lots of fun


​This is the delightful occasion to co-create an experience that will be a Gift on your Path to build on..

Join us on this Journey to our primal Voice, our belly feeling, our Spiritual

Source. Exploring our Inner Knowing and Dance to the Rhythm of our

own Drum.






A (re)Treat just for You! 


Practical information

When:  August 
Where: Glastonbury UK


Investment: €555,- 

(excl transport to Glastonbury and accommodation)

First, read our cancel policy