Fire & Ice

Unleash your wild nature

Embody the inner Goddess of Fire & Ice

A one day workshop to your primal power and wild nature. 

Are you ready to transform, to break loose and to step outside your comfort zone?

This is the place and time to heal and empower yourself, boost your energy level, improve your health and build your self-esteem.  

Manon van Nielen and Margo Awanata offer this once in a life time workshop for women who are done with all the excuses and blockades that keep you from really living your life to the fullest.



Let the fire burn away all that you don’t need anymore. Bring your body and soul in movement through dance, breath and sound. 



You will learn short and easy exercises related to Cold, Breathing, Focus and Meditation, based on Wim Hof, the Iceman. The exercises are easy to integrate in your daily life.

Reconnect with your inner self

♥ Open your heart and embody the goddess within

♥ Learn to tap into your own power

♥ Listen to your heart

♥ Build Self esteem

Learn to trust and rely on your own body

Learn to see the world from inside out, get centered and focused.

♥ Gain numerous health benefits: stronger circulatory system, nervous  and immune system, boost your hormone production, increase your metabolism and decrease inflammation levels.

Some Highlights

Mindset and focus exercises

Bare feet stroll

Breathing techniques

♥ Meditation and body work

Ice bath
♥ Fire ceremony
♥ Dance
♥ Power of the Sea

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Guest Teacher Manon.

Manon is a passionated and spirited woman with

many talents and a great deal of experience in ice

cold workshops.

Het enthusiasm makes you feel connected and seen . 

She has been training with Wim Hof and masters

the WH methods. 


"It is like I turned the switch in the ice bath yesterday. I re-connected with my inner power . I am so grateful I gave myself this workshop with Manon"  


Karin Klein - Life Coach


"It was so magical, Margo helped me to remember my self. To remember that I am worthy. Give love and receive love."


Marcella Tommasi  - Senior PMDT Consultant

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Practical information

When: March 30 

Where: Noordwijkerhout

Teachers: Manon van Nielen & Margo Awanata

Investment: €127,-  if you sign up before March 10th 

after March 10th the Price will be €198,-

Only 10 places available

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