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one-on-one coaching

Breath in Love, Breath out Gratitude

Do you want to really connect to yourself, body, mind and spirit and discover your true potential? One-on-one coaching is a true gift to yourself and to the whole world. Together we will go on this journey to the depth of our being. We will dive deep into our life purpose and see what it is that is holding us back. Together. 

Healing is remembering who you truly are and remembering is a bright light to the world around us. This coaching path is designed to discover your true self underneath all the layers of insecurity, judgement and criticism and jealousy and get the tools to shine yourself in to life. 




Package A 
A 1 hour coach session this can be in my own practice,  or through skype or e-mail. 

€97,- (ex vat/btw)

Package B 

-Free 30 minute intake

-5 times 1 hour consults for €450,- (ex vat.btw) (my own practice, on location or through skype or e-mail)

1st session: EMPOWER

2nd session: LET GO

3th session: BUILD YOURSELF

4th session: ATTRACT

5th session: THRIVE

Package C


Intensive 24-hour session
A 24-hour private session. We retreat into a beautiful cottage in nature to spend 24 hours together to work on the themes that you want to work on.  We make a plan and 2 weeks after our retreat we have a 1-hour zoom session to keep you on track

Price, all inclusive: €997,-  


Sessions can be in Dutch or English.


For more info Contact me

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