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Wild Woman

Amazing Women On a life changing journey

1-7 November 2021

A  journey to a deep remembering of who we are.


Do you want to go deeper into self-love and self-care?
Are you ready for deep indulging in a loving embrace of like-minded women

Are you ready to take a few more steps outside your comfort zone to grow and blossom. 

Are you ready for a retreat that will leave you feeling rejuvenated , deeply connected , deliciously indulged, and joyously empowered?

Join me on this life changing retreat in paradise.


Imagine yourself breathing, not like you normally breathe, but really breathing. The kind of breathing that rejuvenates every cell in your body. After an inspiring day of empowerment, dance, deep love and delicious healthy food you are watching the sunset in the ocean.  You feel alive, tingling with joy and you know yourself seen and loved. You connected to your true potential and feel the way opening to manifest your dreams into reality.


You are on Bali, with a group of like-minded sisters who help, love and support you on your journey to a life you love, in a body that you appreciate. 


A 6-day retreat

While we are indulging in all Bali has to offer this will also be an empowering, transforming and life-changing experience.

During the day we offer a program that is designed to immerse you into self-love and overcoming blockages that are keeping you from living the life you want to live. And of course a joyful celebration of sisterhood.




A few highlights :

♥ Wild Womb Wisdom 

♥ Learn to love, trust and honor your body.

♥ Bring movement to your body and into your life

♥ Celebrate your uniqueness

♥ Rebuild your trust with other women

♥ Empowered vulnerability

♥ Authentic presence

♥ Leadership over your own life

♥ Welcome your emotions in open awareness

♥ Sacred initiation ceremony 

♥ Medicine dance

♥ Sacred song circle

♥ Visit Sacred water temple for a water blessing 

♥ Free time to enjoy this paradise

"Margo is the embodiment of softness and unconditional love. She creates a bedding of trust and warmth where you're emotions can flow free. Her workshops are amazingly uplifting and life changing." 


 - Sabien Sluijter Zwanenkracht

The accommodation 

 We will stay in a private villa, offering a real charm with the sound of the Ocean ( 15 minutes walking distance from the beach). We will have a friendly staff helping us in and around the house so we don't have to worry about a thing. We will often take day trips to the some of the most amazing pearls Bali has to offer, such as beautiful beaches, Ubud, Water temple and a waterfall


When: 2-8 January 2021



€897,-  If you register before June 1st. 

After that the price will be:


Payment plans.

4 terms of €225,-

♥ Professional guidance by Margo Awanata

♥ Welcome massage
♥ Healthy  meals
♥ Sleeping accommodation

♥ Transport in Bali

♥ Transport to the accommodation 

from the airport on 22 January


Airfare ( cheapest tickets can be found through

Transport to the accommodation 


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