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Wild Woman Retreat 


Re-claim your feminine power

Are you longing to live your life to the fullest, embrace your self 

♥ Are you ready to step into your Feminine Leadership as

a facilitator for Moon & Womb Workshops and Retreats?

♥ Do you want to guide other women into the mysteries

of womanhood?

♥ Would you like to enhance your work with professional

facilitation skills?

♥ Are you looking for fulfilling, heart-centered work?


♥ Do you want to start a business in women's empower-

ment work?

... And learn a lot about yourself and your sacred path

along the way?

We offer a high quality facilitator training

for women who feel a big YES reading the questions above. 



Amazing Women On a life changing journey

A 6 week online and 6 days live training to Feminine Leadership

Do you feel the longing to help other women on their sacred path. The longing to facilitate high quality women's events and to guide Women to connect to their true potential ? To give space for women in Sisterhood? There are so many women world wide who are in need for strong and loving holders of space. Many women are finding their way back to sisterhood and are longing to learn. Are you the one who will hold the space for them and empower them?

Are you ready to embrace your Feminine Leadership?  Then this is the training for you!

"Can you feel it?

In the beating of your heart and the depth of your womb? We live in a time of change and we, women, are awakening. Ready to step away from the paved road onto our own sacred winding path into the deepest of our feminine essence. It is a divine answering to a call that comes from deep within ourselves and from deep within the earth. Are you ready to be the change? "

Feminine leadership comes from the heart. It has nothing to do with control or having power over others, it is all about being of service of a greater good. It is about being commited to your own growth and the growth of others. It is about holding space, vulnerability, Divine purpose. It is Fierce and deeply loving. It is about being the change you want to see in the world and about expanding your heart

What will you learn?

Holding Space

To hold space is a true art. Many women start a red tent or sister circle and have to face that it is not as easy as it seems. We will teach you techniques to create a sacred space for your groups and how to cary it all through the event so women will feel safe to open up. 

♥ How to hold a strong and safe space for all
♥ How to create a temple space
♥ How to create ceremony
♥ How to follow the
flow of the group
♥ How to be a vessel for inspiration
♥ How to deal with emotions
♥ How to handle the shadow side of groups
♥ Guidelines for your groups (What to do and what not to do)
♥ How to ground yourself and help others to ground.


We will teach you different kind of rituals and exercises to offer in the groups that you will facilitate. Also will we teach you techniques for creating your own rituals, meditations and exercises.
You will also get a manual with different kind of exercises and rituals.


As a feminine leader you have to be committed to your own growth and healing for you make the way for others. In this training we will guide you in the growth that is needed for you to take on the leadership in your own circles and to get the skill to use your voice and body to embody Feminine Leadership.

Collective Feminine and Sisterhood

When one woman heals herself she will help all other women in her past, in the present and in the future to heal and rise. During this training we will experience the true power of sisterhood. This Sisterhood will be there to support you along the way.


Sharing your special gift with the world is one thing, to get a healthy business growing is another thing. We will give you guidance to set up a business and marketing strategy together with some nice pictures for your marketing. 

Where do we stay

Located between the wild and wonderful

black sand beach of Kehena and the

Alahanui park thermal heated spring fed

swimming area just off the magnificent

Puna coast. We will be glamping,

sleeping on a comfortable good bed

in a safari tent. You will fall asleep

hearing the soft and gentle waves of

the ocean singing their goodnight song.


The centre has a. shuttle service from

and to Hilo Airport. 

Where do we stay


We only have 2 places left

When: 30th April 2018 - May 5th 2018
Where : Big Island, Hawaii - 45 minutes from Hilo Airport. 

(airport shuttle service available)

EARLY BIRD PRICE: € 1595,- !!!
After January 28th the price will be € 2300,-

Six modules online training
Full facilitator LIVE training in Hawaii
Healthy vegetarian meals

excluded: Transport to and in Hawaii
Please read the cancel policy first

There are three options for paying: 

1. Pay the full sum of € 1595,-. 

2. 5 terms of € 333,- 

3. 10 terms of € 175,-

The terms are on a monthly basis and are due by every first of the month through the same link. 

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