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Avalon Journey

A journey to your wild and sacred nature

09-16 July 2020

... on the magical soil of Avalon.
Are you ready to travel beyond the veil of this reality into the deep mysteries of the mystical lands of Avalon. There where the Divine Feminine is fully present in many shapes. 

Can you hear the call of Avalon? Can you feel it in the beating of your heart? A call from the depth of your being. 

A knowing that there is a path that goes right to the center of your being. Can you feel the priestess within awakening.. 

feel welcome Sister!

Deeply rooted in Mother Earth, your heart light and free with your arms open the Divine, coming from deep within. You are in Avalon with a group of like-minded women, sisters, who just like you know that there is more to life than visible on the surface. In a strong and safe Sisterhood, we will journey through some of the most magical places of South West England. We won't visit these places as regular tourists but as Women on a sacred journey to who they truly are. Maiden, Mother, Queen, Wise, Warrior, Priestess! 


Glastonbury, Dartmoor, Avebury, Stonehenge, Tintagel.. 


♥ Deep nurturing in Avebury

♥ Remembering ancient ways in Stonehenge

♥ Re-birth in the White Spring
♥ Sacred path ceremony and healing in Chalice Well
♥ Awakening the Dragon on the Tor
♥ Sacred Blessings in St Nectan's Glen

♥ Wild Woman in Dartmoor

and so much more

This retreat is for you if you want to:

♥  Awaken your  Feminine Power

♥  Open up to Sisterhood and connecting from heart to heart

♥ Root deeply  into your wild and sacred feminine potential
♥ Awaken the priestess within
♥ Break free from what is holding you back 
♥ Do amazing rituals on sacred ground
♥ Remember who you really are underneath all the layers of insecurity, judgment, shame, and shyness

This is the place and time to heal, transform and empower yourself.



Forever women have come together to connect, share, tell stories, exchange wisdom, heal and help each other.  This amazing connection has been forgotten for a long time, but women everywhere are reaching out, ready to step into the light and re-emerge this ancient sisterhood.  It is time to become leader over your own life and with your sisters behind you to support and love you. 



When one women awakens

she help to awaken everybody around her

Before her and after her

Some Highlights


♥ Wild Womb Wisdom

♥ Awaken your inner warrior

♥ Fire ceremony

♥ Full Moon Ritual

♥ Private access to Stonehenge, St Nectan's Glen

and White spring

♥ Sacred water temple
♥ Unleash your inner Wild Woman & Priestess
♥ Sisterhood
♥ Lots of fun


​This is the delightful occasion to co -create an experience that will be a gift on your path to build on..

Join us on this Journey to our primal Voice, our belly feeling, our Spiritual

Source. Exploring our Inner Knowing and Dance to the Rhythm of our

own Drum.

A  Re-treat just for You!!!



8 July When you book a ride with the van from the Netherlands or Belgium we will already

leave this day in the morning. Pickups in Breda or Gent. 

9 July - You will be either picked up from Bristol airport at 2PM

                  or we will meet at the hostel near Stonehenge at 3:30PM. 

10 July - Glastonbury

11 July - Glastonbury

12 July - Glastonbury 

13 July - Dartmoor

14 July - Tintagel

15 July- Tintagel

16 July - Tintagel /Closing ceremony. 

We will bring you to either Glastonbury or Bristol Airport on the 16th around 1PM

17 July if you ride with the van from the Netherlands we will leave around 9AM from Glastonbury. And hope to be in Breda around 8PM. 

Where do we stay

The first day of our stay we will be in a nice hostel near Stonhenge. We will visit Avebury and the next morning Stonehenge. 

In Glastonbury, we will stay in a beautiful retreat center with an amazing few on the Glastonbury Tor. The comfortable rooms are calm and peaceful, infused with the energy of healing and tranquility, each one unique and created with love.

In Dartmoor we ga back to basic and stay in a nice and cozy hostel for 2 nights.

We will finish our journey in an amazing retreat center at the magical site of St Nectan's Glen with private access to the waterfall. This house is a real paradise that offers stillness and peace that will be heavenly after our adventure.

Practical information

When: 9-16 July 2020
Where: Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, Dartmoor, Avebury, Tintagel

This includes: Accommodation, transport in the UK, healthy food and a deep empowering and transforming program.


Your transport to the UK is not included but you can book transport from the Netherlands  (Breda) or Belgium (Gent) You will be than picked up on the 8th and brought back on the 17th. 

In 1 payment

Payment plan

Yes! I am going on this journey!

Transport to the UK

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