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Wild & Sacred Women

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Margo Awanata

wild • sensual • empowered • authentic • leadership • sisterhood 

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Bali Goddess Retreat  

Sisterhood celebration 

weekend, Netherlands

Midsummer retreat, Blackforest Germany

Avalon Journey, England

Self Love • Business • Awakening • Dream to Action

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Path of the Wild Woman


Path of the Wild Woman

Blackforest Germany

Path of the Priestess 


Womb Heart Spirit

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one on one sessions

Do you remember? A memory of something ancient, raw and very real.

A memory of deep connection and warm love. A memory of who you really are underneath the layers of judgment, insecurity, fear, and jealousy.

Through time most women have lost their connection.

The connection to themselves, their body, to the earth and to their inner divinity. 

How to get back? How to reclaim your power and embrace your right to exist? And how to really love yourself? 


It all begins with you and your brave heart.

Welcome sister

"I have completely found myself this weekend with Margo. This retreat has taken me to such a deep level, it will definitely impact the depth of my work."

                                                                               Carin Rockind

                                                                               Author, Speaker, Coach


Margo Awanata


Sisterhood Celebration


16-17 February 2019

A.O. Margo has been futured in


Margo has worked since 2003 as a facilitator in self-development and female empowerment for groups and individuals, bringing women together as equals, as family, as sisters. While working in a group, she promotes the forging of the bond of sisterhood, for women should not envy or compete with each other, but empower each other.


She deeply cares for all women, encouraging them to live their full potential, aiding them in relishing their right of existence, trusting in the course of life, loving their bodies and expressing whom they want to be and whom they really are.

Live and experience your life fully! Feel the love that composes all life! Never be a victim and take full responsibility for your life! Those are some of the lessons she has learned and now strives to pass on to others.


She’s expert in holding space for anyone participating to feel completely safe and grounded. This opens the way to truly feeling one's own self, both strengths and vulnerabilities, and daring to bring yourself forth to open yourself for all that life can offer you.

In her workshops, she stimulates women to delve within themselves to find a true source of wisdom and primal power. While accessing these, old wounds can be healed and insecurities overcome.

Margo is a warm and passionate woman with a fiery heart. She dances wildly and encourages others to join this dance of life.

"Margo is an exquisite role model and

an Empowering Guide"

  Mae Belteyn  

Author, Teacher, Ritualist


Video: Who is the wild Woman

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