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Do you remember? A memory of something ancient, raw and very real. A memory of deep connection and warm love. A memory of who you really are underneath the layers of judgment, insecurity, fear, and jealousy.


​Through time most women have lost their connection.

The connection to themselves, their body, their personal leadership, to the earth, and to their inner divinity. 

How to get back? How to reclaim your feminine power and embrace your right to exist? 


It all begins with you and your brave heart.

I want to take you on a journey, an empowering journey to unleashing your wild nature and ignite your wild, personal and feminine leadership in a warm and safe embrace of Sisterhood. 

Let's rise together! 

Margo Awanata  

Welcome sister

Sisterhood Celebration


16-17 February 2019

"I have completely found myself this weekend with Margo. This retreat has taken me to such a deep level, it will definitely impact the depth of my work."

                                                                               Carin Rockind

                                                                               Author, Speaker, Coach


Margo Awanata

Margo is a mentor who is not afraid to go into the shadows with you. She enters into a deep connection with the women with whom she works and lets them feel that in the safe space that she offers they can really go into the depths where transformations can take place. She manages to take everyone to a higher level while she is firmly on the earth with both her legs.


Margo is like the loving earth mother who cherishes and feeds and at the same time shakes off all false beliefs and excuses.  She brings her teachings with humor and depth.

Margo is an excellent role model and empowering guide, a priestess with extensive experience in Tantra, Shamanism, Dance medicine and many other paths.
She has been offering her work since 2002 and worked with over 1000 women world wide.

She is an expert in creating a sacred space where all participants feel safe in their strength and vulnerability.  She guides women outside their comfort-zone where they can grow and remember themselves. 

"Margo is an exquisite role model and

an Empowering Guide"

Mae Belteyn  

Author, Teacher, Ritualist


Ellen Aranya

Margo is awesome at what she does. She creates a safe, loving place where transformations are happening. As a qualified therapist myself, I am very impressed. She is very knowledgeable and attuned . Margo is an authentic awesome woman, whom I feel very blessed to know. 

Anja Kromer

Margo is a life changer! She´s one of the most honest, warmhearted and 

most authentic person I know. I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed. 

My life is a spiral and every time when I reach out my hand when I´m on my way 

and need someone, I know Margo will be there and hold it. She brought me to my truth. 

Step by step. Deeper and deeper. She brought me to my essence – pure love!"

Carmin Karasic

"Margo travels the world changing lives, touching souls, sharing love, and deeply moving us. Sisters, she is a divine Goddess. And Dear Sisters, she can awaken the Goddess in all of us!"

Video: Who is the wild Woman

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