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A free online offering on International women's day

Sisters, IT IS TIME

We call in all the wild women, all witches, all light workers,

the shadow workers... all medicine women.


On international Women's day we want to gather to answer the call of our longing heart. 

The longing of the Priestess to reclaim her place in the world, to hold hands in sisterhood, so we can step into our feminine power and together stand for positive change. The world needs us so much right now!

With everything that is happening you maybe feel small or powerless, or possibly you just don’t know where to start…

On Women’s International Day Margo Awanata & Mae Belteyn join forces to unite all women to remember their connection to each other as sisters and their deep connection with the elements of Mother Earth.

They will gift you an online EXPERIENCE. This is NOT an webinar, there will be no long talks or teachings. As soon as you register a page will open with information how to prepare  (you will need to bring some items - no worries, you will probably have them at home already) so we can start immediately at 8.30PM CEST. Please save that page , or copy the information on the page so you have all information you need.  

Be prepared to be guided through a heart moving experience filled with music, dance and transformative rituals. You don’t need any experience, but if you have been part of rituals before don’t underestimate this online version.

We will go deep & you will feel the magic!

We can’t wait to meet you! Will you join us in this FREE offering?
Margo Awanata and Mae Belteyn

When: March 8th at 8.30PM CET 

Where: In the comfort of your own home, after registration you will get a zoom video call invitation.
Investment: 90 minutes of your time
Price: FREE


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