We are going to HAWAII!!

Aloha Sister, 


You decided to join me in Hawaii. This is not going to be just a trip to paradise, no! I am taking you on a journey to the realm of the Goddess Pele. We will dance between fire and ocean and let these powerful elements burn and wash away all that is holding us back. All that is keeping us from living our true potential. 

We will dive deep into the ocean of our heart and (re)discover the Wild and Sacred woman that we are. 

Below this message, you will find a registration form and the payment details. If you choose to use the payment plan you can keep using that link until the payment is complete. If you need another option for your payment, let me know. We can always find a way. 

In September you will receive an e-mail with all the info you need and I will then open a facebook group so we can connect. <3

The best moment to buy a plane ticket is in September. I always book through Skyscanner.com (around €675,-  return )

Mahalo and Aloha, 


Registration form

You can either choose to make the full payment normally €1197,-  but you get the sisterhood discount because you already worked with me so you only pay €1047,- (or 2x 524,-)
or use the payment plan
. 5 payments of €225,0

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