♥ Sisterhood Celebration Weekend 

31 July

Connect, Unleash, Celebrate

Get ready for an amazing, deep and loving Sisterhood event. After getting so much out of Sisterhood it is time to give back. This one is especially for you!

This 1-day event is designed for feminine empowerment and connecting in beautiful sisterhood with women you might have never met before.


♥ Awakening Feminine Power
♥ Opening up to Sisterhood and connecting from heart to heart
♥ Deep rooting into your wild and sacred feminine potential
♥ Wild Womb Wisdom
♥ Connecting to nature of Noordwijkerhout
♥ A celebration of Womanhood and Sisterhood 


Sisterhood. There is such an amazing power and a deep remembering when women connect from heart to heart. This connection helps you to release what you can let go now and to step into your feminine essence, unleashing the wild and sacred woman that you are.

This weekend we come together, women from all over Europe,  to breath in life and rejuvenate every cell in our body with (self-)love and sisterhood. You will leave this event deeply connected to your feminine heart and empowered with many other women that you will be able to call your sisters.

Connect, Unleash, Celebrate

We will dance, sing, drum, connect to nature, heal and remember our true self.

♥ Program 



10:50 Door Open
11:15  Opening and Connection

13:00 Lunch
14:00 Afternoon program
17:45 Closing Ceremony


   Before buying your ticket please read the cancel policy

♥ Dayticket                                                   65,-

This ticket gives you entrance and a potluck lunch





31 July



Saturday 12:00 - 18:00 

Margo Awanata is the founder of Wild and Sacred women and co-founder of Path of the Priestess and Womb Heart Spirit. Over the past 15 years she facilitated workshops, retreats and training for over a thousand women from all over the world. She is a specialist in connecting women with themselves, the earth and each other. 

" There is such a deep remembering within women when they make this connection. You can see in their eyes that they are opening their hearts for them selves and then the healing starts. My mission is to give women the space and safety to find out who they are when they let go of fear and judgement.

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